My Covid Lockdown Weight Loss story

I had a weight around 78kg before covid lockdown. Now my weight is around 67kg after around 6 months. Lost more than 10 kg in 6 months without sacrificing any food.

I wanted to reduce it but not getting time because of long commuting time for work. As because of covid I am working from the home, I got some free time for looking after my health. Initially I started slow running and also doing some pushups at home because of strict lockdown. After few months I started running outdoor as strict lockdown was revoked. I am walking daily for more than 12000 steps. Also doing pushups and stomach crunches.

I started eating healthy foods. Morning I start with hot water with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and honey. I go for running outdoor. I take a break between 3 to 4 sets of running and walk in-between. I do this for around one and half hours. Also I do pushups and stomach crunches at home after running. Also lift dumbbells during the day when I have time. On weekends I also do cycling.

I am eating bajri, nachni and jwari multigrain roti (bhakri) instead of wheat roti in the afternoon. This multigrain roti keeps you full for longer duration and I don’t eat much after lunch. I eat seasonal fruit like oranges after lunch. I do eat apple, custard apple (sitaphal) , papaya during the day if I feel hungry. I stopped having tea after lockdown. Earlier I was a tea addict in the office. I don’t eat anything in the evening and night. If I feel hungry in the night then I eat few almonds and a glass of water after that. you will feel full after this and won’t eat much at night. This helps me doing intermittent fasting and this is the main key in loosing weight. If you do intermittent fasting then it will boost your metabolism and will loose weight quickly. Intermittent fasting also helps you in creating calorie deficit and which in turn helps you in loosing weight. Also have plenty of water during the day.

You should also be active throughout the day. I stay on 5th floor and after lockdown I stopped using lift and instead use staircase, even if I have bags in my hands then also I use staircase.

I eat generally everything like milk, butter, cheese , palak and other pakodas (bhaji) but in moderate quantity and only in the morning time. There is no restriction on any food as such. Only I eat this before evening.

Now I feel very healthy, lightweight and energetic. Earlier I was not used to sit more than 30 min on chair and it was giving me backpain. I had to get up from the chair after every 30 mins. But now this problem has disappeared because of weight loss.

If you achieve your weight loss milestone then please celebrate it by taking photo of your weight on weighing machine and share it with your close family and friends. This will motivate you to stay on the track of weight loss journey.

Now morning running has become my habit and I don’t skip it even on weekends.

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Web and Mobile app developer.

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Arvind Gavas

Arvind Gavas

Web and Mobile app developer.

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